curry leaves

curry leaves

The picture shown is curry leaves which is commonly used in some asian countries like srilanka and india as flavour enhancer in almost all the dishes.They are not just a flavour enhancer but also have a great deal of health benefit in consuming these leaves. Lets talk about the health benefits on my next post but today i would like to share with all those who are reading on how to save these leaves for a few days.
This is a tried and tested method. to save curry leaves for about maximum two weeks all you’ve got to do is as you bring the leaves from the market separate the leaves from the stem and put then in a plastic box with the stems as the stems also do have a great flavour. Do make sure you never let a drop of water get on to the leaves before you store. once your done with filling your box just put it in the shelf of your fridge and take when needed they store very well for two weeks.
Hope you found my post helpful.
Await more on the health benefits of curry leaves and many recipes which these leaves can be used on.

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