dubai coin museum

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The Dubai coin museum

I would like to share some more pictures of the Dubai coin museum, it was a very sunny day when we visited the coin museum in Dubai as we entered the air conditioned rooms where the coins were displayed in glass showcases, i really enjoyed looking around and taking pictures not because it was fully air conditioned but there was so much information by just touching the screen you could access them and read or even take pictures.

There were coins from many of the gulf countries in a variety of sizes,with informations such as; the ruler and the year in which the coins were in use,the translation of what is written in the coins,the meaning, the diameter,thickness and weight.

I was really amazed when i found out how many types of coins have been used till date.

Global Village

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The global village is Kind of a carnival that takes place each year in Dubai. Last year it took place throughout the winter season. At the global village you can find all sorts of stuff like clothes, accessories, souvenirs and food from various different countries.
Each vendor sells there stuff under a tent themes to the culture they represent or come from along with the name of the country.

Food is something that’s really great at the global village you can taste and discover the traditional food of different countries at the same time which costs not much but a little extra space in your stomach. There is so much to taste. I loved the tamarind juice from turkey and the vendor was dressed in a traditional way that was really nice,I really wanted to take a picture with but unfortunately couldn’t. But still I got a quiet clear pic which you can see near the fountain.

There are activities for all age groups where you can play games and win stuff or for those of you who would like some extra fun there are rides that can make you scream till you want some ice cream.