Dubai in winter

the cloudy skies of dubai in winter

Pi by Maf
One of the best days in Dubai should be in winter.
The days are short, nights are long and the climate is awesome.
My first winter in Dubai was awesome.

Dates with a flavor

Dates are rich in vitamin c and each date contains 20-70 calories depending on their size.
Dates is a fruit which is very tasty by itself. But imagine some dates with an extra flavor. I have tried dates with almonds it was extra delicious, and yea I also have tried them with a dab of butter or margarine try it at home you’l really enjoy it.
After moving in to Dubai I came across these specially packed dates in a presentable box ideal as gifts for your loved ones which has some extra flavour.
So I thought il stop by and take some pictures to post. Later I was wondering what must be inside those so I asked the salesman about the stuffing and he explained to me that those date contain a paste of cashew nuts, almonds and grated coconut which is stuffed inside.
Isn’t that a very different and unique to gift your family and friends back home!
Hope you Guys enjoyed reading my post.
Have a nice day!




Along a highway in Delhi

Passing by a bridge at Delhi as you see a tiny water fountain how do you feel.
Yes when it’s a bright sky with stars filled and a nice water fountain all that comes to ones mind is to take a picture no matter how many mega pixels the camera has.
Enjoy the nature!

Pi by haf

Delhi airport

20120730-130242.jpgDelhi airport wall, not on Facebook but the actual wall it seems like it’s already decorated with ornaments. Something really different which I have never seen elsewhere.
I guess there is a story behind this design il research and post later.
Any guesses leave a comment.


Pic by ha

The camel cart

Pic by haf

Everyone would have seen bull carts and horse carts. Even you could have gone on a ride in a go-cart.
But for those who have never seen a camel cart this picture is dedicated for all of you guys out there.
These are the carts you find around Rajasthan where some tourists really enjoy going for a ride on..
Photography by haf