Dates with a flavor

Dates are rich in vitamin c and each date contains 20-70 calories depending on their size.
Dates is a fruit which is very tasty by itself. But imagine some dates with an extra flavor. I have tried dates with almonds it was extra delicious, and yea I also have tried them with a dab of butter or margarine try it at home you’l really enjoy it.
After moving in to Dubai I came across these specially packed dates in a presentable box ideal as gifts for your loved ones which has some extra flavour.
So I thought il stop by and take some pictures to post. Later I was wondering what must be inside those so I asked the salesman about the stuffing and he explained to me that those date contain a paste of cashew nuts, almonds and grated coconut which is stuffed inside.
Isn’t that a very different and unique to gift your family and friends back home!
Hope you Guys enjoyed reading my post.
Have a nice day!




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