Burjuman World Food Festival 2012

Burjuman world food festival 2012 was held for 12 days. During the 12 days there were a series of workshops, masterclasses, cooking demonstrations, free food sampling and competitions. there was also a 5 day Burjuman junior chef competition where nearly 350 chefs from across the UAE participated under 14 different categories.

masterclasses gave participants a whole new experience bringing to reality the dream of home cooks with a golden opportunity to create a restaurant style signature dish along with a partner of their choice under the guidance of renowned chefs.

kids were also found happily decorating cup cakes. it was really a great joy to see kids walking pass the cup cake decorating stand playfully asking their dads for permission to join the session.

guess the ingredient competition with gifts for the winners gave the participants some fun and a whole new experience. food created by chefs were on display for the public during the junior chefs competition.

The festival is an annual event and I was glad to be there and discover.

I would like to share some pictures from the burjuman world food festival.



weekly photo challenge solitary

The peaceful atmosphere at Bastakiya in Dubai captured through a camera.

A man who works at bastakiya passes by as I capture this extraordinary picture of the display of traditional utensils in a very traditional way.
This place really impressed me not only for the architecture but for the peaceful atmosphere which I really enjoyed spending time on.

Cook & Coffee Workshop by Aquarius

Aquarius a monthly magazine by one of the leading print newspaper publications gulf news organized a cook and coffee workshop recently at jashanmal festival city.
As a recipe writer and blogger I love reading magazines and newspapers participating on workshops and events. Very often I go through the gulf news website.
As a person who reads a lot not to mention only books and magazines but also newspapers, I am glad I got a chance to sign up for the cook and coffee workshop by Aquarius and was selected. The main reason why I looked forward for this workshop was to meet the chef, blog about the event and learn all about healthy cooking.
I not only learnt a healthy dish but I also had a great experience which was my first ever bus trip in Dubai and a long walk all the way at the metro and the festival city which helped me burn a few extra calories.
The event was mainly to demonstrate a healthy meal using Kenwood food processor but I would say for me it was a program that taught how to think out of the box and invent new dishes. Cooking is not difficult nor boring for people who try new things.
All the dishes that exist today was invented by people who dint care about things going wrong, they were creative and ended up inventing, this apply not only for culinary arts even other stuff.
The Demonstration was by chef Andy Campbell a very friendly and cheerful personality always answering questions without hesitating.
A lemon tart, chicken burgers, spicy bread with red pepper mayonnaise and basil oil was yummy. It was different and obviously healthy. I can’t wait till I go for my next grocery shopping to get some basil and try out the basil oil and devour with a slice of spicy bread. It was really yummy and delicious.
The Aquarius magazine distributed a bag with a magazine which I really loved. At the end of the program there was a raffle draw and guess what?
I won a prize it is a lovely tea set by dankotuwa. It’s made in Sri Lanka and I am a Sri Lankan too.
Yesterday was such a Nice day with a whole new experience.
Chef Andy could be reached at –
For more recipes and details visit the website.
Have a nice day!




Weekly photo challenge Everyday life


One of the items displayed in the picture or the place where these items are found (I mean the pantry not the supermarket) is used in everyday life by a home maker.
We can never avoid this (unless we have domestic help)
But their is a joy and extreme pleasure in doing these daily chores. That’s why they say a Mother serves food not only with taste it’s also served with love.
Today my first attempt to make cheese cake is almost successful.


Weekly Photo Challenge Everyday Life

Are perfumes and cosmetics compulsory to look and smell good?
How much have these stuff taken our time in our everyday life?
Can we still look good without these stuff?

All those questions require answers. I really should wear makeup to look better. Even good looking women wear makeup.
Perfumes are really important. Yes without perfume you can never smell good.
Living in a country like Dubai its worth it to walk around with a perfume bottle. Sweat doesn’t have patience to wait till we park the car and get into the mall from the parking lot 

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail it In

Dear M
I write to thank you for being their for me.
No matter what time and how hard it was for you to reach and connect with me you were always there for me.
At Times of difficulty and at times of joy.
You proved that communication is a must for a long term relationship.
Although we had many barriers and trouble connecting, I know you valued our relationship.
We have gone through a long way that we can never stay without each other no matter how far we live or how busy we are.
We both now have our own lives to take care of but I can never live a second without looking at your lovely face spelling those exciting word “checking mail” followed by “updating email”.
Yes I know you want to give me a good number and love to see a beautiful smile on my face but I understand nothing is in your hands.
So don’t feel sad if you can’t give me a number next to your lovely figure saying (2 inbox).
I know you enjoy every moment I rejoice when ever I see a number next to your feature.
I know you wish me better luck and I am really greatful to have found such great acquaintance which has helped me through out my life get a good marriage, keep in touch with friends, socialize and know about great deals around the world without going from site to site looking and typing every keyword I can think of.
And I know you really value me which is why I alway try to maintain your looks by clearing and arranging ever mail in box.
Please mail it in if you Wana reach me.
Yours affectionately


Sleep is the most welcome respite at the end of a busy day either at work or in a school bus. Sleep gives some rest for the brain. Whereas the brain is still an alive and active organ while we are asleep which is totally different to how it functions when we are awake. Not getting enough hours of sleep can be a very serious problem that can not only cause tiredness and stress but also cause a dramatic impact on our lives. Every human being needs a particular amount of sleep. An average of 7-8 hours of restful sleep can hasten cell tissue repairs and believe it or not can help excess pounds at bay provided one cuts down on calories intake and has no regular exercise routine. Sleep also offers many other healthful benefits such as having glowing, radiant skin and improved immune system.

In this 21st century technology has developed a lot that people spend long hours of the night watching TV, playing games and browsing the internet. Some find it very difficult to sleep at night though they are very tired and sleepy. It’s always advised like the proverb goes “early to bed early to rise”. The earlier you sleep and earlier you wake the better and fresher you feel to start the next day. If you find it really difficult to sleep have a cup of Good Sleeping Teas
Milk helps  sleep try it out.
Some other types of food that will help you sleep are
Honey mixed with milk or tea
Oat meals
Potatoes baked

Hope you found this useful

Good Night Sweet Dreams

Source Good Sleeping Food

Interesting Information

Interesting Information

Attraction is a major part in our life. Human beings are created in a way that we are attracted to one another physically and emotionally. Recent researches have discovered that the reason for this kind of attraction is the evolutionary nature of a human brain.


Facts About Bullying

Facts About Bullying
Bullying is a very serious problem which is common amongst teenagers and children.
Mainly bullying is characterized as an individual behaving in an aggressive way to gain power over the other who are innocent and unable to defend themselves.
There are different ways of bullying and many children are affected by this manner. It’s not only the child who is bullying another who is affected by this manner, even the child or teenager who is bullying is affected. Parents should take appropriate action to identify their kids’ behavior and figure out what their kids are up to, how they behave and correct the mistakes of their children. Every parent believes and wants their children to be the best student and so should they teach their kids to be good friends with each and every child no matter which class or community they come from.
Making friends without differentiating each other is a habit which each parent must teach their kids to avoid further problems.
For the parents to know how to find out if their children are being bullied or bullying someone they should know the ways in which someone will be bullied.


Bullying consist of three basic types of abuse which are;
1. Emotional
2. Verbal
3. Physical
The classes of bullying are;
Teenage bullying
Adult bullying
Child bullying
source http://www.factsbarn.com/facts-about-bullying/