“World’s Famous Ghost Towns”

Ghost Towns, does it sound familiar?
Whether you’ve heard of a ghost town in a movie, a newspaper article or any other source I decided to give all of you guys out there a very brief insight into ghost towns and the top 10 ghost towns in the world.
As a hobby which is to research, write and blog anything and everything that interests me which I really enjoy sharing on my blog today, I am glad to have found a new subject to write on about.
The first I did was gather some information about Ghost Towns and here is what I found;
A ghost town is an abandoned city, town or village which contains substantial visible remains of that place. Most of the ghost towns were populated and flourishing but later became abandoned after the collapse of its main business activity for e.g.; coal mining or gold and natural resources, etc.
Some of the causes of a town being called as a ghost towns are listed below;
Diminution of natural resources such as;
1. Gold exploration
2. Coal mining
Natural calamities such as;
1. Flood
2. Earthquake
Human made disasters and other such as;
1. Nuclear accidents
2. Loss of potential business
3. Economic crisis
4. Emergence of war

Apart from the collapse of the main business due to natural and human caused disasters which has turned these wonderful cities into Ghost Towns and become tourist attractions due to periodic architecture.
The top 10 Ghost Towns
in the world are listed below;
1. Bodie mono county California
2. Kowloon walled city
3. Kolmanskop Namibia
4. Ovadour sur glane
5. Prypiat Ukraine
6. Craco Italy
7. Pompeii Italy
8. Bam Italy
9. Minam
10. St Elmo Colorado

If you like to learn more on this subject check out the link below and probably you could include into your next travel itinerary.

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