Weekly Writing Challenge: Stylish Imitation

This week’s writing challenge: stylish imitation is one of the best exercises I enjoy writing.
Every one of us have our own favorite writer. It’s really interesting and fun to write something in the style of a person who inspired you which is also very challenging. As a person who loves to read, I have read books of many authors and watched many TV programs and have many who inspired me to be a writer or personality like them. I had to struggle to choose one particular personality, me myself being a multifaceted writer I have a list of writers who inspired me but one person stands away from the rest and that is television cookery program host and author of many cooking books Nigella Lawson. We both share the same interest. I am a beginner while Nigella is an expert. she Inspired me through her cookery shows which widened my knowledge in the field of cooking and made me aspire to publish my own cookery book and start a career in cooking. What I most admire is the way Nigella Lawson demonstrates, her accent, style and most importantly the nature of her show. Every single word and expression is told in such a way that each viewer will find it easy to understand and follow the instructions. I really admire the way she brings together a dish with simple ingredients. I am still learning to adopt her style.

Nigella Lawson

A recipe which I created after watching Nigella Lawson’s show written to be published into a Chinese cook book.


copyrights (c) shopaholic diary

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