Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail it In

Dear M
I write to thank you for being their for me.
No matter what time and how hard it was for you to reach and connect with me you were always there for me.
At Times of difficulty and at times of joy.
You proved that communication is a must for a long term relationship.
Although we had many barriers and trouble connecting, I know you valued our relationship.
We have gone through a long way that we can never stay without each other no matter how far we live or how busy we are.
We both now have our own lives to take care of but I can never live a second without looking at your lovely face spelling those exciting word “checking mail” followed by “updating email”.
Yes I know you want to give me a good number and love to see a beautiful smile on my face but I understand nothing is in your hands.
So don’t feel sad if you can’t give me a number next to your lovely figure saying (2 inbox).
I know you enjoy every moment I rejoice when ever I see a number next to your feature.
I know you wish me better luck and I am really greatful to have found such great acquaintance which has helped me through out my life get a good marriage, keep in touch with friends, socialize and know about great deals around the world without going from site to site looking and typing every keyword I can think of.
And I know you really value me which is why I alway try to maintain your looks by clearing and arranging ever mail in box.
Please mail it in if you Wana reach me.
Yours affectionately


Sleep is the most welcome respite at the end of a busy day either at work or in a school bus. Sleep gives some rest for the brain. Whereas the brain is still an alive and active organ while we are asleep which is totally different to how it functions when we are awake. Not getting enough hours of sleep can be a very serious problem that can not only cause tiredness and stress but also cause a dramatic impact on our lives. Every human being needs a particular amount of sleep. An average of 7-8 hours of restful sleep can hasten cell tissue repairs and believe it or not can help excess pounds at bay provided one cuts down on calories intake and has no regular exercise routine. Sleep also offers many other healthful benefits such as having glowing, radiant skin and improved immune system.

In this 21st century technology has developed a lot that people spend long hours of the night watching TV, playing games and browsing the internet. Some find it very difficult to sleep at night though they are very tired and sleepy. It’s always advised like the proverb goes “early to bed early to rise”. The earlier you sleep and earlier you wake the better and fresher you feel to start the next day. If you find it really difficult to sleep have a cup of Good Sleeping Teas
Milk helps  sleep try it out.
Some other types of food that will help you sleep are
Honey mixed with milk or tea
Oat meals
Potatoes baked

Hope you found this useful

Good Night Sweet Dreams

Source Good Sleeping Food

Interesting Information

Interesting Information

Attraction is a major part in our life. Human beings are created in a way that we are attracted to one another physically and emotionally. Recent researches have discovered that the reason for this kind of attraction is the evolutionary nature of a human brain.


Facts About Bullying

Facts About Bullying
Bullying is a very serious problem which is common amongst teenagers and children.
Mainly bullying is characterized as an individual behaving in an aggressive way to gain power over the other who are innocent and unable to defend themselves.
There are different ways of bullying and many children are affected by this manner. It’s not only the child who is bullying another who is affected by this manner, even the child or teenager who is bullying is affected. Parents should take appropriate action to identify their kids’ behavior and figure out what their kids are up to, how they behave and correct the mistakes of their children. Every parent believes and wants their children to be the best student and so should they teach their kids to be good friends with each and every child no matter which class or community they come from.
Making friends without differentiating each other is a habit which each parent must teach their kids to avoid further problems.
For the parents to know how to find out if their children are being bullied or bullying someone they should know the ways in which someone will be bullied.


Bullying consist of three basic types of abuse which are;
1. Emotional
2. Verbal
3. Physical
The classes of bullying are;
Teenage bullying
Adult bullying
Child bullying
source http://www.factsbarn.com/facts-about-bullying/

famous comedians in the world

Famous Comedians of All Time
A Comedian is a person who entertains an audience. Most of these comedians are born with talents there is no college degree to become a comedian. All time famous comedians in the world were such people who had the talent to entertain people in an amusing way which cannot be done by everybody.
The word comedy originated from the Greek root “komos” meaning merry-making and “aoidos” meaning singer.
We all enjoy watching comedies. Whether you’re a person who say a lot of jokes and makes others laugh or a person who keeps quiet all the time we all enjoy watching comedies which are very entertaining and engaging. Nowadays you can find a lot of comedy movies which you can watch with the entire family.


Ellen DeGeneres
World’s famous comedians of all time are;
1. Charles Spencer Chaplin – known as Charlie Chaplin born in Walworth England on April 16th 1889.
2. Jimmy Tarbuck – famous British comedian known for his quick wit and charismatic personality, born on the 6th February in Liverpool England.
3. Eddie Murphy – birth name Eddie Regan Murphy born on the 3rd April Brooklyn New York U.S.
4. Eddie Izzard – born on 7th february 1962 in Yemen is a British comedy actor known for his performance relating to dyslexia.
5. Whoopee Goldberg – birth name Caryn Elaine Johnson, is an iconic African-American comedian, author and activist, born in New York u.s on November 1955.
6. Adel Imam –a comedian and famous Egyptian film and stage actor born in El-Mansoura, Egypt on may 17, 1940.
7. Bill Cosby – birth name William Henry Cosby Jr is a famous African-American comedian known for his situation comedy the Cosby show, he was born in July 12th 1937.
8. Jay Leno – birth name James Douglas Muir Leno is an American television TV host and standup comedian born in new Rachelle New York on April 1950.
9. Ellen DeGeneres –most beloved comedian started a daytime talk show born on January 26 1958 in Louisiana U.S.
10. George Burns – a famous comedian who appeared on television, radio and film for over 70 years was born in New York U S on January 20 1896.