Facts About Bullying

Facts About Bullying
Bullying is a very serious problem which is common amongst teenagers and children.
Mainly bullying is characterized as an individual behaving in an aggressive way to gain power over the other who are innocent and unable to defend themselves.
There are different ways of bullying and many children are affected by this manner. It’s not only the child who is bullying another who is affected by this manner, even the child or teenager who is bullying is affected. Parents should take appropriate action to identify their kids’ behavior and figure out what their kids are up to, how they behave and correct the mistakes of their children. Every parent believes and wants their children to be the best student and so should they teach their kids to be good friends with each and every child no matter which class or community they come from.
Making friends without differentiating each other is a habit which each parent must teach their kids to avoid further problems.
For the parents to know how to find out if their children are being bullied or bullying someone they should know the ways in which someone will be bullied.


Bullying consist of three basic types of abuse which are;
1. Emotional
2. Verbal
3. Physical
The classes of bullying are;
Teenage bullying
Adult bullying
Child bullying
source http://www.factsbarn.com/facts-about-bullying/

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