famous comedians in the world

Famous Comedians of All Time
A Comedian is a person who entertains an audience. Most of these comedians are born with talents there is no college degree to become a comedian. All time famous comedians in the world were such people who had the talent to entertain people in an amusing way which cannot be done by everybody.
The word comedy originated from the Greek root “komos” meaning merry-making and “aoidos” meaning singer.
We all enjoy watching comedies. Whether you’re a person who say a lot of jokes and makes others laugh or a person who keeps quiet all the time we all enjoy watching comedies which are very entertaining and engaging. Nowadays you can find a lot of comedy movies which you can watch with the entire family.


Ellen DeGeneres
World’s famous comedians of all time are;
1. Charles Spencer Chaplin – known as Charlie Chaplin born in Walworth England on April 16th 1889.
2. Jimmy Tarbuck – famous British comedian known for his quick wit and charismatic personality, born on the 6th February in Liverpool England.
3. Eddie Murphy – birth name Eddie Regan Murphy born on the 3rd April Brooklyn New York U.S.
4. Eddie Izzard – born on 7th february 1962 in Yemen is a British comedy actor known for his performance relating to dyslexia.
5. Whoopee Goldberg – birth name Caryn Elaine Johnson, is an iconic African-American comedian, author and activist, born in New York u.s on November 1955.
6. Adel Imam –a comedian and famous Egyptian film and stage actor born in El-Mansoura, Egypt on may 17, 1940.
7. Bill Cosby – birth name William Henry Cosby Jr is a famous African-American comedian known for his situation comedy the Cosby show, he was born in July 12th 1937.
8. Jay Leno – birth name James Douglas Muir Leno is an American television TV host and standup comedian born in new Rachelle New York on April 1950.
9. Ellen DeGeneres –most beloved comedian started a daytime talk show born on January 26 1958 in Louisiana U.S.
10. George Burns – a famous comedian who appeared on television, radio and film for over 70 years was born in New York U S on January 20 1896.

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