Sleep is the most welcome respite at the end of a busy day either at work or in a school bus. Sleep gives some rest for the brain. Whereas the brain is still an alive and active organ while we are asleep which is totally different to how it functions when we are awake. Not getting enough hours of sleep can be a very serious problem that can not only cause tiredness and stress but also cause a dramatic impact on our lives. Every human being needs a particular amount of sleep. An average of 7-8 hours of restful sleep can hasten cell tissue repairs and believe it or not can help excess pounds at bay provided one cuts down on calories intake and has no regular exercise routine. Sleep also offers many other healthful benefits such as having glowing, radiant skin and improved immune system.

In this 21st century technology has developed a lot that people spend long hours of the night watching TV, playing games and browsing the internet. Some find it very difficult to sleep at night though they are very tired and sleepy. It’s always advised like the proverb goes “early to bed early to rise”. The earlier you sleep and earlier you wake the better and fresher you feel to start the next day. If you find it really difficult to sleep have a cup of Good Sleeping Teas
Milk helps  sleep try it out.
Some other types of food that will help you sleep are
Honey mixed with milk or tea
Oat meals
Potatoes baked

Hope you found this useful

Good Night Sweet Dreams

Source Good Sleeping Food

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