Weekly Writing Challenge: Mail it In

Dear M
I write to thank you for being their for me.
No matter what time and how hard it was for you to reach and connect with me you were always there for me.
At Times of difficulty and at times of joy.
You proved that communication is a must for a long term relationship.
Although we had many barriers and trouble connecting, I know you valued our relationship.
We have gone through a long way that we can never stay without each other no matter how far we live or how busy we are.
We both now have our own lives to take care of but I can never live a second without looking at your lovely face spelling those exciting word “checking mail” followed by “updating email”.
Yes I know you want to give me a good number and love to see a beautiful smile on my face but I understand nothing is in your hands.
So don’t feel sad if you can’t give me a number next to your lovely figure saying (2 inbox).
I know you enjoy every moment I rejoice when ever I see a number next to your feature.
I know you wish me better luck and I am really greatful to have found such great acquaintance which has helped me through out my life get a good marriage, keep in touch with friends, socialize and know about great deals around the world without going from site to site looking and typing every keyword I can think of.
And I know you really value me which is why I alway try to maintain your looks by clearing and arranging ever mail in box.
Please mail it in if you Wana reach me.
Yours affectionately

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