Children’s day falls on the 1st of October each year.
Many events and activities take place around the country to mark this special day. Children are a blessing from god no matter how naughty they are we all were naughty.

Have you ever gifted a child with something on a children’s day?
We celebrate mothers day, fathers day, valentines day and many more…

We don’t have to have kids to gift or you don’t have to be gifting only your child.
Their are many kids out their who need the very basic needs.
Look out and try helping one of them.
Remember “the best of happiness is in making others happy”.
Their are many ways to help, but these special days gives you a reason to gift someone whom you never met or already know.
Maybe a gift you give some kid who is badly in need will bring a smile to you and the recipient.

Gift ideas-
Teddy bears
a ride
A library membership

childhood memories-
We all do have memories that are good and bad. Childhood memories are unforgettable.
One of my favorite days were when I was 10-11 buying a jaggery or some sweets and having it on my way Back home every time I go out to the grocery to buy some stuff for my parents.
I still enjoy doing it although don’t have it in my way back home from a grocery.
It was really fun. As kids we all spent a careless, joyful, friendly and happy life.
When you talk about childhood all I can remember mostly is books, pencils, colored pens, painting, crafts, toys and sweets.
I tried recollecting old memories and creating something from what I can remember so far. It’s a mixture of paint and felt pens.
Am not very good at arts but I tried my best
Hope everyone enjoys my post.
You don’t have to be a child to celebrate children’s day try going back into childhood be creative, paint something, help an underprivileged child and make a difference.

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