Weekly Photo Challenge : Happy

What brings happiness to an expat?
Living abroad leaving family and friends back in our home country means a lot of sacrifice for those going abroad to earn an extra income.
No matter what type of culture you come from we all love our home country, family and friends.
It’s really difficult to stay away from our own country and live in another country where you know none other than a few co- workers and room mates.
The only time when we feel happy is when we go out for shopping or visiting a place that’s really known for tourism, where you get to see many people although you don’t know any of them personally they are all in the same boat. That is how expat life is.
Expats are happy by clicking a picture where ever they go and sharing it with family and friends back home. Those who see the photos also enjoy and be happy with the satisfaction that their brother, sister, son, daughter, parents or friends are happy where ever they are living.
This week am sharing a few photographs on my weekend spent at Ferrari world Abu Dhabi which made me happy. I always wanted to visit the Ferrari world in abu dhabi and yesterday was that day when my dream came true.
I was really happy enjoying a ride in the worlds fastest roller coaster screaming as loud as I could.
These pictures also display a few expats like me who were also happily enjoying their weekend.