Dessert going green


I have always been wanting to make ad try out srilankan food since I moved into Dubai and always went around supermarkets looking for ingredients which are really unique. One such ingredient I juggery, one might ever wonder how can juggery be an unique ingredient but trust me Sri Lankan kithul juggery is very unique and have a special taste which any other normal juggery made with cane sugar nor coconut palm will equalize.

Juggery is used to make various sorts of desserts and sweets in srilanka and one such dessert was watalappam.
Many people love it. During festivals we prepare and share it with family and friend. Making this dessert Nd getting it right the juggery should be very good in quality and taste or else the taste wi not be vey good.
Recently having moved into Dubai I was looking around for juggery and found the a juggery made of cane sugar which had a very spicy aroma and never tasted good on anything.
So started my search for srilankan jugger and finally was all smiles when I saw it On a shelf with the other jugger and started grabbing a few packs to store.
As k reached home I prepared my watalappam mixture and left aside. My hubby walked into the kitchen and said the color doesn’t look good so he suggested to add food coloring.
I don’t have brown so my hubby mixed red, yellow and green to get some town and the color was perfect.
As I mixed it with the watalappam mixture I was glad the color was perfect and the mixture was tasting good I started cooking the dessert.
Once it was cooked I was really shocked.
The watalappam went green.
I bet that’s what is called going green.
We were discussion on how to serve it to the visitors and finally had to serve.
By its look and taste everyone had a good home made watalappam and was asking. Whee I found the juggery.
I had to narrate the story.