International fine food festival 2012

The “POSH PICNIC” at the INTERNATIONAL FINE FOOD FESTIVAL held in Dubai from 30th october to 2nd november at meydan grandstand.

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Since I read about the international fine food festival I was very inquisitive to find out what it will be like and how?
I anxiously awaited the day and finally I made it one the third day.
As I entered the meydan grand stand and walked in through the doors I get encountered the chefs table where many chefs were competing amongst one another.
As I walked behind the booths of the chefs table I was really glad to see shop with fresh ingredients from various parts of the world which can be used to create various fine foods.
For those of you wonder as of what fine food is here are some details by a foodie who shared her opinion on fine food.
“Fine food is anything that’s expensive and looking good”
So I walked around the fine food festival Learning and discovering what’s fine food.
Here are a few points I learnt –
Fine food I’d of course expensive
And good looking presentation wise
Served in small quantities
Prepared using various types of techniques
Ingredients are sometimes not easily accessible at a local grocery store

What I saw at the fine food festival
Fresh olive oil
Freshly prepared Pickles
Breads and buns
Organic vegetables
Organic herbs
Organic pasta etc
Organic eggs, chicken and tropicaii coconut powder
Fresh chocolates
Fresh seafood

Chef coking competitions
Keen amateur for home cooks
Kids cookery demonstrations

What I learnt
Never use a tissue for draining any food items its not hygienic
Always serve food warm not cold
Try new things eg I used black salt for the first time in my life and the food tasted great.

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