Street food – isso wadey – srilanka

Street foods are always delicious and easily available in many countries at a very nominal price.
One always care for street food for its extraordinary flavor and exciting aroma of the spices sometimes pull us towards the cart.
Sri Lanka is a country with various different cultures and food has a special flavor with the richness of various Sri Lankan spices blended together.
street food is readily available all over srilanka and one can never miss the delicious prawn vada which is called isso wadey in Sinhalese readily available at galle face which is a very high class area surrounded by the Indian Ocean in one side and luxury 5 star hotels in the other side. while I remember the name prawn wadey I really feel how much I miss Sri Lanka.
Walking along the galle face with the sea embracing you with warmth and freshness filled with a ting of saltiness
One can never forget the experience.
I remember my childhood watching the sunset from the steps along the sea and wondering how beautiful Mother Nature is, and realizing the value of time which god has gifted human beings.
As I walk by the sea area there are many stalls selling various stuff but the majority is food.
One can find many carts of isso wade and recently they have introduced crab vada which I couldn’t try it, but had included in my to try list.
Last time I was on vacation I found a couple of tourists inquiring the vendor as to what it is and they bought a few. It is a very unique street food served with a sauce.
Make sure to try it out when you visit srilanka.


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