Black salt and my first experience

The first time I used black alt was at the international fine food festival keen amateur competition.

I was standing in the middle surrounded by organic products at the posh picnic wondering what to cook then being a great cook it took not much time to decide on coriander and lime prawns. Second I had trouble in finding salt.

The sales girls at down to earth asked me what I am looking for seeing the disturbed look on my face. I told them I found all ingredients except salt. so the girls suggested I use black or red salt.

I was then introduced to red and black salt for the first time, never have I seen red and black salt before.

I was really confused which to buy and finally decided on getting the black salt.

Having never tasted nor seen the back salt I was a bit worried how my dishes will turn out but since I had no other choice so I started cooking confidently.

Once I finished cooking I tasted the dish and was really surprised how tasty it was.

Really I dint feel the difference between the normal salt I used at home and the black salt.

I came home I tasted the black salt. It tasted ok but had a pungent smell.

My opinion on black salt – when mixed with any ingredient and cooked the taste is same as white salt.

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