Street food – Bhel puri


Bombay chowpathy is an Indian restaurant that has branches in three malls that I am familiar of and am not sure how many more branches they have. There food is incredible and delicious not to mention the idli quantity although its only 2 per pack which costs 7 dirhams yet the taste is good.
I always love having Indian food having lived in India for a couple I years I fancied Indian food.
Especially Indian street foods. There are a wide variety of street food in India and a few of my favorites are bajji, masala vada, dhal vada, bondha and pakora to name a few. Every morning with my tea I used to have those sweet fried flat item and I really liked it. There are many more Indian street foods I have not mentioned above and two of those are bhel puri and pani puri. I have never tried pani puri but I did try the bhel puri once, although I dint like it much then and I can’t remember the taste now, I decided to try it when I went to get some dinner at Bombay chowpathy.
It was my first try in 10 years. As I scooped a few spoons of the bhel puri thinking it would be spicy I was surprised there was a spicy, sweet and pickly flavor with some crunchiness.
Yes it was delicious.
The pickly caramelized onions, mango which was raw but had a sweet coating like a sweet pickle and a potato mixture, a few puris etc.
Yes I really enjoyed my bhel puri on my way home.
Street food is alway delicious and better consumed in smaller portions.

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