December 4th 2012 winter mornings

A few days before it was raining with a little bit of lightning for a few hours here in Dubai. As winter has approached the climate is awesome. I really love dubai during winter.
Today Early morning at 6:45 am I slightly drew the curtains to see If it’s raining and found this lovely view from my balcony.
Yes, a beautiful cloudy sky with blue, grey and a lovely pink. I guess the sun has just started rising and the sky was looking beautiful. Nature has many natural colors.
Standing along my balcony the winter air blows in a slow breeze while I enjoy the beauty of nature, birds flying around from one place to another buses and cars moving fast on al khail road, school busses moving around emirates garden 1, construction workers starting the days work with more buildings being built around in this developing area called Jumeira village circle it’s really a kind of meditation to wake up early and admire the beauty of nature.


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