Idly love

Idly love

I spent Most of my childhood and teen days frequently traveling to India.
In that way I had the opportunity of tasting various different types of Indian food. India being a very large country with many states I usually went around the south. Indian food is very delicious and has thousands of different types of food. I have many favorite dishes. I love the idly’s specially.

idly’s are very soft and delicious served with gravy called sambar made of dhal with a combination of various vegetables and/or coconut chutney.
Whenever I go to an Indian restaurant I order idly’s.

During one of my trips to India me and my sister went out to buy some idly for our dinner as our parents went out and asked us to get something from the shop and eat. We bought 15 idly’s with sambar and chutney. Idly’s were hot and smelling great with some extra aroma which came from the combination of heat from the idly and banana leaves which they were wrapped in.

I couldn’t wait to start so me and my sister washed our hands and sat down to eat we dint even finish eating an idly when the power went off. My sister was waiting for the generator to be switched on.

I was so in love with the idly’s and feeling very hungry not that I was but for the aroma of idly I couldn’t wait, so I started eating one by one without counting. Finally the power came and the lights were back. My sister was glad the power came back and happily looked down at the plate to start eating. She was shocked. She asked me where are the idly’s, I told her that I couldn’t wait for the power to come so I ate it in the dark but dint count how many I ate. We were supposed to share and eat. I started counting and realized I had eaten 10/15 idly’s. I told my sister i’ll get her more from the shop and she said she was fine. Later as our parents returned to the hotel my sister started telling them what had happened and they burst out laughing. Many years later my dad told the story to an Indian friend of his and they also started laughing.

The next day dad’s Indian friend told us he will send us a treat, and as we were told he came to the hotel to see us with a very large container about one and a half foot long.

We started to open and see what was in and we found idly’s with a separate basket of sambar and chutney.

I was laughing all the way as I ate. I couldn’t believe they had taken so much trouble to make my favorite food.

After moving in to Dubai with my husband I always ask for Indian food. Recently we went out for dinner to saravana bhavan one of the famous vegetarian restaurants in India with branches in any countries. I ordered idly for me and I was thinking of getting an extra parcel so that I can take home and eat in peace, being a very shy person to eat in public I was too shy to ask for more idly’s as my husband’s friend was paying the bill.
I was not satisfied with what I ate then so I held on to my appetite until the next week and bought a few idly’s for my weekend lunch.


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