Creative Writing Challenge :2 AM Photo

After a long day on Monday night we had dinner early watching Masterchef Australia and went to bed early by 9 pm.
Soon as I got to bed I fell asleep due to the weekday workload. I was walking through my house in Sri Lanka talking and playing with family and friends eating my favorite Sri Lankan meals when I herd my phone beep which indicated I’ve got an iMessage. As I grabbed my phone I realized that its 2 am and eating Sri Lankan meals was just a dream.
Smiling away the memories of my dream I open up to see who it was from anxiously to my surprise only to find its from my sister and its only a picture with no words.
As I wait impatiently for the image to download I quickly open my gallery to check the picture wondering what it can be, hundreds of thoughts running in my mind as I do so. Can it be a new dress she bought? Or is it a dessert she tried? Is it a restaurant they went to? A friends wedding picture? A new watch she got as a gift? Or can it be a cockroach she killed? Well what’s so important that made her send at this time of the day?
As I view the picture happily expecting something different and unique I was laughing all the way rolling on to grab a pillow to support myself from waking other members of the house as I texted her hastily thanking for her picture.
I know everyone else is anxious to find out what I saw, obviously am gona share the picture with you below.


On a chat conversation during the earlier part of the day she asked me if I like eating watermelon and I replied “yes”. She promised me she will send it to me and apparently she did send and am glad she sent it in a very pleasing way.
Thank you sis

Weekly Photo Challenge : Lunchtime

Vegetable fried rice with chicken devil one of my favorite lunchtime meals my aunt used to prepare during family gatherings.
Always reminds me of her culinary skills and the taste. Living abroad and being homesick I always think of the variety if dishes she prepare and this is one dish I managed to prepare to her level.
My aunt used to serve it with a side dish of stir fried brinjal which would be even better if I only could have been able to make exactly as she did, very sad to admit yet the truth is that I am still trying.