Creative Writing Challenge :2 AM Photo

After a long day on Monday night we had dinner early watching Masterchef Australia and went to bed early by 9 pm.
Soon as I got to bed I fell asleep due to the weekday workload. I was walking through my house in Sri Lanka talking and playing with family and friends eating my favorite Sri Lankan meals when I herd my phone beep which indicated I’ve got an iMessage. As I grabbed my phone I realized that its 2 am and eating Sri Lankan meals was just a dream.
Smiling away the memories of my dream I open up to see who it was from anxiously to my surprise only to find its from my sister and its only a picture with no words.
As I wait impatiently for the image to download I quickly open my gallery to check the picture wondering what it can be, hundreds of thoughts running in my mind as I do so. Can it be a new dress she bought? Or is it a dessert she tried? Is it a restaurant they went to? A friends wedding picture? A new watch she got as a gift? Or can it be a cockroach she killed? Well what’s so important that made her send at this time of the day?
As I view the picture happily expecting something different and unique I was laughing all the way rolling on to grab a pillow to support myself from waking other members of the house as I texted her hastily thanking for her picture.
I know everyone else is anxious to find out what I saw, obviously am gona share the picture with you below.


On a chat conversation during the earlier part of the day she asked me if I like eating watermelon and I replied “yes”. She promised me she will send it to me and apparently she did send and am glad she sent it in a very pleasing way.
Thank you sis

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