Let’s unite and grab a badge as shopaholic’s. In some or the other way we are all shopaholic’s. Do you agree????

Then go ahead and grab the badge.
If you are not sure what I mean by we are all shopaholic’s in some or the other way read on and check yourself in the list below.

Why should we be shy to admit the truth?
Yes I would like to admit I am a shopaholic.
Not all shopaholics are people who buy stuff that’s unnecessary. Some people shop for clothes, some shop for home essentials or household items as you may call it. Some are book worms who shop for books. Some are conscious about their footwear and keep buying every new design they come across.
Here are a few things you can check on to see if you’re a shopaholic and what makes you to do so –
✅ Do you look for goods that’s new in the market? Sometimes people are so attracted to the latest in technology they keep changing their television and refrigerators.

✅ Are you the one who is so passionate about new arrivals at your favorite dress store and ends up buying stuff to fill your wardrobe?

✅ Are you conscious about decorating your house with lovely ornaments and goods that you walk in to a home deco centre and end up with a huge bag?

✅ Are you a very loving housewife who wants to try your hands on new ingredients and treat you family for new treats?

✅ Are you a bookworm who is so eager to know the later books of your favorite author or are you the one who is interested in buying magazines?

Those are the five main points that most people seem to be a shopaholic.
If you are anyone of them there is no harm in being such a person as whatever you shop is not gonna be wasted and unused.
Yet always consider the environment and opt for more environment friendly products and make sure to buy only the essentials.
Here are a few points to consider being a perfect shopaholic –

✅ changing your television or any electronics to a latest model is alright as long as your old one is not kept unused in the store-room to collect dust. Make sure to sell it or give it away for any cleft ion centers if it’s not working or repair and give to a person who would need it. You will help someone by doing so.

✅ checking out the latest clothes, shoes and accessories is great as long as your old clothes are being put to use by giving for the needy or collection centre/points.

✅ decorate your house and keep it neat and tidy. Make sure to use Eco friendly products and reusable goods where ever possible.

✅ eat wise and healthy, Try new stuff and explore the culinary world. Surprise your family and treat them with delicious food. Always make sure to freeze or refrigerate leftovers. Never buy something and leave it away to be used for some day. Each grocery item has its own expiry date make sure to check them as you buy and prepare accordingly. If possible keep a record of the expiry dates of the goods you purchased. Waste not want not.

✅ Reading is a good habit. It helps a human in many ways. Buy books, read them and do not leave it on your shelf to collect dust. Make sure to donate them to a public library or lend it to friend. If possible hand them over to a collection point where someone somewhere would enjoy reading. If you cannot find a way to share them sell it to a second-hand book store by that way you will be getting some money as well as helping someone read the latest book at a low-cost.