Shopaholic’s Addiction for Candies














As I walked along the line up of kiosks at mall of the emirates one kiosk always calls me silently to try them out.

I enjoy buying candies maybe because of the colors or taste. This time I bought a little as I don’t want to overeat too many sweets, The moment I started selecting them only one thought crossed my mind and that was to make something creative out of those candies.

there are many ways to entertain kids at parties and I hope this is one way to make kids Be creative while they enjoy some sweets at the end of the session.

some ideas –

hand over a sheet of blank paper make sure its clean and free from any dust.

divide a few candies to each child and ask them to create any image that they wish to using these candies and leave it on the table.

mark and appreciate their imaginations and creativity by offering them the sweets they used up.

always ensure the children washed their hand before doing this activity.

ideal to entertain kids at birthday parties, school parties and at home during a free time.

I hope this will stimulate the child’s creativity and encourage better thinking.


The article is simply based on my own thoughts and ideas. small particles not suitable for kids below 3 years of age. Not a tried and tested idea though anyone who tried please feel free to leave comments.


Hope you enjoyed my post 🙂


Framing done using photoshop.

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