At the Hospital
two people were seated talking at the waiting area until the appointment number was called for them to consult the doctor for diabetics.

Patient 1: recently I read in the paper that cinnamon can combat diabetics did u read?

Patient 2: Is it so, I forgot to get the paper.

Patient 3: overheard the conversation got up and walked to the receptionist.

Receptionist: How may I help you sir,

Patient 3: I would like to cancel my appointment and get a refund; may I know the procedure please?

Receptionist: Please may I know the reason, sir.

Patient 3: I saw 2 talking that cinnamon can combat diabetics, then why should I just spend on doctors, when I can get cinnamon free too??

Receptionist: But sir, how do u get cinnamon free??

Patient 3: Why I live in CINNAMON GARDEN!!

Receptionist: Aaaaaaawww!!! 😉