How many times do you wash your fruits, vegetables and meat???

Vegetables washed and chopped!

Constant remarks like “why are you washing the meats so much” from my dad were regular before getting married.

Meats have blood stain in them, Fruits and vegetables grow in the garden and are covered in soil and mud.
Once they are bought into the market they are sold without washing.
The state of the market produce makes me so fussy that I tend to wash every vegetable thrice and meat around 7-8 times while I wash the rice 7 times.
I know you must be thinking am a psycho or a very fussy person, but am such a person who can be called a perfectionist.
We buy stuff from the local market not from those supermarkets where everything is washed and cleaned or those pre-chopped vegetables which needs no cleaning nor washing.

How many of you’ll wash the market produce like I do?
Or do you’ll just rinse and use them?
Have you ever wondered how many times they need to be washed?

Okay I know there must be some who think am a bit of a psycho but trust me the rice we buy was although high quality and delicious, once cooked smells a bit which makes you feel it needs extra washing as the entire house smells of unwashed rice which is similar to mud. Try it yourself by cooking rice washed twice or thrice. The rice we used was called Keeri samba and am really not sure as to what it’s called in other languages or what language it is called so but Sri lankans call that particular rice by that name.
Even basmathi has the same smell as all rice is cultivated in soil.


The left over water after washing chopped cabbages.

Washing the cabbages and chopping will be more better as you don’t have to block your sink while throwing the water nor use a strainer to prevent it.


The washed and chopped vegetables.

The green leafy vegetable that needs more cleaning and washing.
One of those more time consuming work.

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Thank you

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