Simple bread recipe

I have always wondered how bread is made and wanted to Master the art of bread making.
Attempts taken are many. Followed recipes from the ones I learnt at my cookery class, Internet recipes and a combination of all recipes as well.
Have I succeeded? Yes! fairly I did succeed. All recipes worked well. And there were disasters with the out come being a rock hard bun or bread but I never gave up.
Practice makes perfection is what they say and I believe it’s true.
Yet instincts are more important when it comes to cooking rather than following a simple recipe.
Cooking is not that difficult is what I learnt after watching Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals.
Yes, he makes cooking so simple and easy, I sometimes wonder, really wonder on many aspects yet realized that his way of cooking is really unique and simple.
My hubby is a very big fan of Jamie Oliver that’s how I got introduced to jamie’s program and now I know why my hubby enjoys jamie’s cooking. He has made cooking easy for everyone.
If you ask me One of my favorite recipes by Jamie Oliver, I can never pick one as there are so many, but I have one favorite as it was the most wanted recipe. That is the only bread recipe as you’ll know or might have guessed.
He did not demonstrate bread making it was a BBQ video which he mentioned bread making is very simple and all you need is four basic ingredients and you have your fresh home made bread.
That’s all he listed, the four ingredients and there quantity. I followed the words exactly and really succeeded in my long time most wanted recipe.
The bread was so soft and fresh I could devour as many as I want for all three times in a days meal.
As jamie mentioned the bread can be a loaf or turn it into a bun or even grill on a hot griddle to make some fresh rotti which is also called as flat bread.


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