Guess the Ingredients

Lets see whats are rating in a scale of 1-10 on knowing our food just by looking at it.

Some of us are great at guessing what’s being cooked in our kitchen by the aroma of some ingredients which are boiling in the kitchen stove.

We can list a large number of ingredients which help guess the dish of the day, but today lets get together and guess the ingredients by just looking at the picture below.
Lets see how great are we at knowing what we eat or what’s added to our dishes we buy outside.


Some clues might help but wont be fun , am I correct?
So let’s begin by guessing!
I look forward for the guesses  OF THE INGREDIENTS AND MAKE A POST.

Hope we all have some fun.

Best of luck

Rules and regulations

1)  Always keep your POSTS simple.

2) This challenge will continue weekly with a new food picture every week.

3)All images are mine and copyright protected.

4) anyone willing to post a picture in this contest for a gift for the winner or just for fun please email –

5) This contest idea is my ver own and is copyright protected. Sorry to say but permission will not be granted to recreate the contest in any form.

Thank you



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