The Ocean: A seafood heaven

The name sounds breezy doesnt it?
Are you a fan of seafood, swimming in the beach or walking along the seashore? Do you love dinners at a cozy restaurant with extraordinary interiors along the seaside?
You don’t have to miss the luxury when you travel down to sri lanka on your next vacation.
The Ocean at The Kingsbury hotel provides all you need from the sea.
Located at the heart of colombo in a busy area, its only a walking distance from the world trade centre in colombo 1 and over looking the indian ocean along the galleface towards the new harbour road. The ocean is such a delight.
A high class menu with a line up of raw seafood readily available over a layer of ice in a glass shelf. Your always welcome to choose the seafood you want and and the cook will be more than happy to prepare the dish as you wish.



I was admiring the display of seafood while my dad explained the chef what we wanted. The chefs were busy cooking which was visible from the table we were escorted to.


To our left was the sea with more seatings for those who wanted the sea breeze kiss their cheek while having seafood dinner. We prefered to stay in due to the slight drizzle.
Our order took the normal duration at any restaurant.

The “lobster and crab cream soup” was super delicious. The excellent combination made me fall in love with the soup.
It will be the first I order on my next visit.
The seafood salad was our starter with a deep fried crispy delicious prawns that went well with the accompanying sauces.
The seafood fried rice along with fish eggs was yummy.
Fish eggs tasted and looked like meatballs. That was my first tasting of fish eggs and I was happy with the taste.
A platter of grilled fish accompanied the main course.


We finished our dinner with a glass of fresh lemon juice and lovely apple pie wuth a scoop of ice cream on top. The cost was worth the taste and experience.


Would I have asked for more then I should say I would have ordered a grilled lobster platter too.
The ocean offers the most delicious seafood in original flavours.


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