Cooking Mandhi @home

Cooking mandhi in sri lanka during my vacation was one of the to do’s in my list. I always wanted to share my food experience with my family members back home. I never got the chance to do so when they visited me in dubai.
After my delivery and settling down with my baby I decided to cook mandhi at home during my baby’s sleeping hours.
I went on in search of the recipes at some famous blogs I know for example and Suzanne Hussains website.
I couldn’t find any which lead me to a google search and the result was
They had a mandhi recipe with mandhi mix as well.  I followed the steps exactly and finally got some what a fair arabian flavour yet Couldn’t obtain the reddish skin layer on my chicken amidst the fact that the recipe dint call for any grilling I still wouldn’t have got the texture as the mandhi shops in dubai provide, as the spices I used were different. I believe there are a variety of mandhis.
Ofcourse I’ve tried yemeni mandhi.
Here is a small insight into my mandhi.


The mandhi chicken.


The tempering.




Salad leaves, red onions and capsicums.


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