Srilankan food : A culinary journey in my hometown

Why srilankan food is so unique?

Born and bought up in srilanka has helped me taste the wide range of srilankan food. The variety of flavours and a variety of spices has mixed and created a uniqueness in srilankan food. The traditional utensils used to cook is one other fact why srilankan food are even more delicious.
Cooking in clay pots and mixing with coconut shell spoons make a difference? Really they do.
These clay pots are heated over slight flame before the initial use.
And the food smells good when cooked in clay pots.
I have seen my grandma cook all the meals in clay pots. I admired her method of cooking.  The food tasted special when she cooked. I have to agree my mum can’t cook as good as my grandma.
Can it be cos of the utensils my grandma used?
Ofcourse it can be.
Those days my granny cooked over a small pit made of clay with some wood burnt inside with kerosene.
Sometimes she used those dry coconut tree leaves and the outer shell of coconuts.
The entire kitchen smelled of good.
The smoke would pass out through the chimney and sometines very small kids get teary eyes and they are chased out of the kitchen.

The technology has developed immensely and people have forgotten all traditional methods of cooking. The use of traditional equipments has become simply for the sake looks.
A few srilankan food stores serve the food in those clay pots.
Recently I went for a buffet which had a line up of clay pots filled with srilankan food.  They tasted really delicious.
Ofcourse srilankan food need not be cooked in clay pots to get their unique flavours.
Another stall at diyatha uyana had sri lankan food displayed in clay pots. I got the sweet potato and kurakkan rotti with katta sambol and pol mallum.
The kurakkan rotti was delicious.  They had a variety of sri lankan food. I am gonna try some very soon in a couole of rounds as I can’t eat all in one day.

We eat from our eyes first so presentation is important.
We eat from our nose second so the flavour and smell is more important which can tempt a person who is not feeling hungry due to love 🙂 we need food to live dont we?

The combination of clay pots and srilankan food is calling me.

A few quick shots of the srilankan food shop at diyatha uyana.  The diyatha uyana food courts all food stalls are in class A-B with the ministry’s health and regulations.




The shop that had such delicious food.



The kurakkan rotti


The food court at diyatha uyana


My srilankan lunch at Kukulegama resort

Srilankan culinary tour a 14 day tour with insight into srilankan cuisine. Is now provided by srilanka tailor made (jetwings tours). The tour includes cookery demonstration with hands on training and tea factory tours and many more interesting food and leisure activities.
I am not promoting any tours am just passing on details collected from a newspaper article.



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