Tea tasting

A day never starts without a hot cup of tea and the evening is never complete without another up of tea. sri lanka is famous for its tea. The normal households in sri lanka make a cup of tea with milk. Some do drink it plain with some sugar or a small piece of jaggery.
My mum used to say during her time they used to drink tea with a small piece of jaggery as sugar was in demand.  At that time food was limited and people got food only a certain quantity.  I guess they might have not wasted food. Nowadays food is available everywhere at anytime readily for an affordable cost as a fact food is being wasted.
Lets get back to the tea.
Tea has been mixed with a variety of flavours to give it a modern name and for people to experience different flavours.
I have once tasted strawberry flavoured tea which I still remember the taste. The tea was good with a combination of milk and the strawberry flavour was strong .
I have seen the supermarket shelves stacked with flavoured tea yet I choose the normal unflavoured tea every time.
Green tea was totally different it had the same taste as unflavoured tea yet light and green with a little bit of freshness. I’ve got a pack of lime tea am gonna make it and taste it. Last night dad bought a pack of cinnamon tea and I was eager to taste it.
I love cinnamon. It’s flavour and aroma gives me an appetite to eat.
I think it makes food delicious. The cinnamon tea had a very strong cinnamon flavour with bits of cinnamon. It was strong. My headache vanished after drinking the tea.
I should try it with some milk.
Cinnamon tea is a good ingredient for tea infused cooking of any sort.

One can smoke any meat or fish with cinnamon tea, isnt it a good idea.

I’ve never smoked meat or fish but I’ve watched masterchef so I know how they do it.
I will keep you guys posted on my next tea tastings on instagram and twitter.

So always try something new and experience the variety of flavours.

Start your day with a cup of fresh tea.





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