When a foodie goes shopping

We all need to eat and drink on time to live and lead a healthy lifestyle. Kids  ask for chocolates, sweets and anything they see or feel like eating.  When an adult does the same excessively its called obsession yet when an adult pick and choose what he wants and tries a variety of items in the food store what do you call them? the answer is “foodie”

When the same person takes pictures and posts on a blog or takes pictures only to post on their blog and share the joy he/she is called a food blogger/writer/journalist.   It was my day to shop some stuff for my baby and was lucky to redeem a voucher. I shopped for less than the voucher price and was asked to get something like a fridge magnet or a key tag. there were many designs but what can a foodie like me who is addicted to blogging choose? here is what I got


a doughnut keytag

I finally ended up spending on trying out a few restaurants at the little food court at odel.  My first stop was at the magic corn.


I bought it for my brother he loves corn and I never enjoyed eating corn except popcorn’s which I have started to dislike sometime. I never believed I would fall in love with corn or ever crave for corn.  I got two different flavors spicy and mayonnaise.

Ishare508share509  If it was someone suggesting I try corn with mayonnaise I would have turned it away and commented on their taste. It’s always best to know anything for yourselves rather than live by someone’s comment or suggestions. That’s one thing so unique about being a foodie.

So my next stop was at the “jack tree” a restaurant that serves Asian cuisine  especially Indian, Thai and Chinese.
I’ve heard my sister-in-law mention that “tom yum” soup is so delicious I marked it as one of the dished “to try”.
I ordered a “tom yum” soup and am still not sure if it’s good as original or was it a duplicate version.  Should I fly to Thailand to find out the truth?


I decide to search online for the flavors and taste. The lime sticks and pandan leaves were given an overpowering taste filled with flavours rushing out from the ingredients used in the soup. Thai food is very unique in flavors.  Thai food has a very aromatic line up of fresh ingredients used to give a Thai flavor.

well shopping and exploring the food court turned us towards the juice section. “Roots” had a variety of fresh juices on the menu yet we opted for a glass of Sri lankan falooda.  delicious it was with a scoop of ice cream and kasa kasa.


The tuk tuk was waiting at the parking so i rushed back relaxed.

await my next post on the recipe for sri lankan falooda with the secret ingredient.


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