How well do you know your spices is one question.  How much do you love spices is another question.
Can anyone be a spice addict?
Who is a spice addict?
Can they have their house pantry stocked with jars and jars of spices?
Or will they be over flavouring the curries and meals with extra spices?
Or can a spice addict be someone who just tries out various types of spices from around the world?

Well yes spice addicts be of many types but what do you gift a spice addict?
Jar of spices?
A spice from marutius?
Imported fresh cinnamon?

Ofcourse when it comes to buying a gift we all get confused and end up buying something that might be of useful or not. Yesterday I was window shopping at one of the best places to shop where you’ll find all you need under one roof and was surprised by the collection of frames. Handmade it is and an ideal gift for a foodie who is a spice addict.

Ideas for Different use
You can insert a board and attach a sticky note pad on it where you can write the grocery list.
You can insert a lovely food picture and hand on your kitchen wall.
Add your diet plan and leave on top of the fridge.
Insert a note paper with kitchen tips.
Insert a recipe note you like and wanna keep it handy.
Write down instructions for kids to follow in your kitchen.

I know your impatient to have peep into the frames and here I reveal the unique frames especially for foodies.


The frames made of different types of spices.


Spice are used mainly in asian food but have you ever tried a toothpick made of a spice?
Are you Wondering if its made of chillie sticks?
No worries its simply made of cinnamon sticks.
Does that encourage you to try it out?
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Have a nice day.