Coriander Rotti

Coming home after a fun filled day of food ,cooking, competitions and food shopping at the international fine food festival, dubai I ended up with a whole bunch of fresh coriander leaves from the posh picnic. Soon after I returned home I put the coriander leaves in a jar of water to keep them fresh.



While I wondered what to do with the leave as I was not a person who cooked indian everyday. Indian cuisine uses coriander leaves mostly and I love indian food. I decided to be a bit inventive and try a coriander rotti.


2 cups flour
1 teaspoon olive oil
Pinch of salt
A handful of coriander leaves
Water as required

Add all the ingredients in to shallow bowl.
Knead with water as required until smooth and soft.
Doesnt matter if the coriander leaves are jotting out just make sure the dough is fine.
Roll small balls and flatten it with a rolling pin.
Cook over a hot griddle on both sides.
Take off heat and wrap it on a tea towel. Serve with any prefered curry whole hot.


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