Eating Healthy : DUBAI


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Eating out becomes a routine when wife is out of country. when I came down to Sri Lanka on vacation I started worrying about my husbands diet. He is very conscious of what he eats and always prefers a low carb diet. I was introduced to foodonclick through twitter and I decided to try it out. Sending my hubby a few link and I asked him to order. I am really happy about their service. The food arrived neatly and on time. the price was moderate. There are many restaurants available in Dubai listed on foodonclick which offer order online services and you can get lost for choice as most of them offer at an affordable price. I definitely would recommend this site for anyone.


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The next place I recommend is none other than the very famous subway. The salad bowl is delicious with a mix of healthy fresh vegetables and yummy pickles. A prefered choice of meat to go with it is really a go for low carb diet.  Ask for less pickle when you want to avoid those extra saltines which can destroy the taste of fresh vegetables. Subway is available at many locations in dubai and offer delivery service which is just a phone call away.


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mantooshe is my favorite place. Of course it’s not low carb but you can still try out some snacks for tea with their very delicious and unique toppings and fillings like spinach and potato. Try calling them and ordering in they do deliver.



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