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party treats



Eid Favours

Eid Favours




It all started in 2010 when I decided to take over baking as a profession.  I learnt the art of baking and was in love with éclairs, having never thought I would learn how to make my favourite sweet.

I remember the good old days at school running over to the canteen to get an éclair and licking the delicious chocolate drippings of my fingers. I recall wondering silently on my every bite If I can learn to make éclairs.  So when the silent wish came true I was overwhelmed with joy. I decided to make and sell them to receive good compliments and it all did happen.
I opened an facebook page and was quickly famous with the help of few friends and was busy getting inquiries on éclairs. I created my very own price list and flavors.
The day when my new found love for baking came to end wasn’t long. I stopped it all on my own will due to some misunderstandings which was not worth at such a cost. I deleted my page due to it and lost all the lovely likes.
Many years passed and I stopped baking éclairs. Last year in dubai I decided to revist my éclair recipe and tried it on my microwave oven which was a total failure. I gave up and decided not to try until I get back to sri lanka. On my vacation this year it was eid (festival) for us and I badly wanted to try making éclairs to show off to my husband on how good I was in baking. Well, it turned out perfectly and my husbands cousins liked my éclairs. It was delicious and a success.

This month was my sister in laws kids birthday celebration and I promised her I will make her some party food. Having less time with a baby on toe I was pressed with a tight schedule as my hubby was also down on vacation. I was so excited to make the éclairs for my sister in law that I grabbed a few utensils and ingredients and started off making the first test batch of eclairs with a doubt if it might turn out well as I have never baked in a large oven and have no idea on the temperature level. I dint have a proper measurement and did the batter with only 3 eggs as the mixture turned out to be very runny. Worried if I wasted the ingredients I decided to add extra flour to thicken the mixture to a piping consistency. Finally the batter was just fine. I piped it and baked the éclairs watching through the oven glass if its rising. Checking in after 10 minutes I was overwhelmed with joy to see my eclairs rise in the oven. I started off with another batch of batter which was perfect.

In less than four hours I baked around 70 éclairs and left it out to cool. Happy with the final dish I was enjoying the beauty of my éclairs.
The party started and the éclairs vanished in no time leaving nothing for us to taste.

Finally the satisfaction has given me an idea to start my éclair factory all over again.

Joy of baking can never be described, but tasted


Memories of Eid in Dubai

I lived at jumeira village circle on lavender 2. It is a very posh area with a few buildings and some shops. I always enjoyed looking around the neighbourhood and sharing a smile with someone looking to make friends. The first year of my stay was very lonely and spent keeping my door open or looking out of the window. So when I was standing out a neighbour who was going shopping for eid said salams and I replied back. So the next time I cooked a string hopper and sent to her in thoughts of making friends. my bowl was returned with a lebanese soup, flat bread and a delicious stuffed capsicum in a red sauce or gravy.

The next eid festival I was gifted with the sweets on the picture above. it was so delicious that I literally asked her for more of those sweets the next time I met her. I seriously miss those corridor friendship.






Last year my eid al adha festival in dubai was spent with just a couple of friends invited home for lunch.
Cooking for friends was fun and shopping for sweets at carrefour was enjoyable. It was my first encounter with macaroons. Dubai is where I was introduced to macaroons and its where I tasted those lovely colorful yummmies.

Eid night was spent watching movies either at home or at dubai mall which will be jam packed with no space for parking. I really miss dubai.

Life is a roller coaster where you’ve got to go through those curves to live.

So always hold tight to your memories and cherish every moment you live.