Arabian Twist Recipe Contest

It was a rainy tuesday noght when I came across the note on Facebook about a revipe writing contest.
The challenge was to create a recipe with any middle eastern ingredient and find out why it makes a difference. I was having a lits of zataar in stock and some ideas pouring in to me which I quickly tried out on Wednesday the 30th of October.  Clicking from everyside using my brothers dslr as an amateur food photographer I was keen on taking a perfect image.

On the 31st of October late in the evening I posted the document with my recipe and images.

Eagerly waiting for a winner to be announced with fingers crossed if I will be able to win Suzanne Hussains cook book “when Suzanne cooks”.
It was again a Wednesday night, rainy with lightning when I checked my bligs email and found a message from the recipe contest host starting with congratulations. My heart was beating and I was overwhelmed with joy and full of smiles.
We can lways buy a recipe book which can be affordable at times but when o
You win a book its something special.  Words can never describe the joy of winning a book. When the book you won is something you’ve wanted in a ling time the happiness is double with the relief on thinking that “its great you dint buy when you felt like it ” which would have made your house with two books of the same sort. Let alone the second hand book stores where you might be able to sell one if there is any spare books.
So am now a few mikes off fron being the owner of when Suzanne cook’s.
I can wait to try the recipes fron the book.


The contest on facebook.


The book I won.


The most awaited email.

A link to my recipe is found below or search for zataar keema pizaa on my search bar –


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