Food Story : Chocolate and Almond Cake

baking and myself

I started baking at the age of 16 with a failure jn my first cake in following a recipe. I then decided to learn the art of baking and followed a pastry course with international cookery. The things I learnt to make pleased me and encouraged to bake and try new things daily.
But everything I did bake was in my mum’s old small tefal oven from france. Until today I’ve never baked in large electronic oven.

So recently we got our big electronic oven fixed and started using it. The first thing I baked was this chocolate cake by following a recipe from a cake book. I believe the temperature was high or I baked it for too long either way my cake turned out hard. Yet I decided to ice the cake. I topped it with chocolate ganach and dusted the sides with chopped almonds and dexorated it to perfection. I sliced it and served it to my family memebers. Everyone except my dad tasted the cake soon as I served. The first bite my dad took and he paused to comment. I was all smiles looking at him expecting a positive comment.
My dad asked “is this cake?”
I said yes and asked him if it’s good?
He replied with a big grin, It tastes like beef.
I was shocked and sad.
The decoration couldn’t make the cake palatable.

What I learnt from this experience –
Always check the item in the oven when using the oven for the first time. Each and every oven is different and the temperature given in a recipe doesn’t suit all the ovens equally.

The cake from the book 🙂

The cake I made 😦


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