Cake Class Diary

vacation in srilanka after a year and half

The reason for my vacation in srilanka was due to my delivery yet I wanted to make my time useful after my delivery by joining a cake decorating school and learning the art of cake decorating. So in august 2013 I joined the clements school of cake decorating which is a renown school for the subject in sri lanaka has created many cake decorators with valid certificates provided to students who follow the masters, structure and wilton courses.
I joined the novelty cake course as I wanted to learn from the basics. Having joined this course we were given hands on training with practice till perfection. Each design was donw with extra commitment and each attempt was worth the time spent. Leaving a new born baby at home and learning something was really tough as mother of a two month old.
Somehow I managed to complete each lesson and now its 3 months since I started the novelty cake lessons I have learnt a great deal about cake decorating and is now able to decorate a birthday, anniversary, engagement and wedding cake on my own.
I am now supposed to practice for my exams in February and by that time am planning to get back to my life in dubai.

wilton cake decorating course

All I can say is wilton cake decorating course is the toughest. Every flower am taught is very difficult in a scale of 1-10 its in the 10th position.
Wilton cake decorating course is a seperate course and the certificate is world renown. Its valid in any part of the world. Its a three month course and is hoping to complete it soon amidst the class reschedules due to personal work of the instructor.
I really wanna get back to dubai and is feeling sad as to why I joined this wilton cake decorating course as it’s so tough. But am really happy learning this lesson. Wilton cake decorating course is worth all the hard work.

my practice in pictures





bb flo Publication1 


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