Revisiting memories; first time on print and first ever coffee and cook workshop attended

As a new expat in dubai I was so lot of activities to keep myself busy apart from the daily chores at home.  So when ever I am free I stumbled over many websites and magazines that were freely available online.  One such magazine was the aquarius a publication of the gulf news in dubai. I was asked to sign up for the membership in order to be eligible for a seat at the coffee and cook workshop. I was not very sure if I really was able to go due to event being on a weekday. Although am free at home I had many worries like if I’d be able to go so far to festival city alone in a country which I’ve been only for six months. Anyway I was so excited to attend the event and started researching on the metro routes, time and the bus routes. I am really amazed to think that I was so courageous to  travel so far by myself.
I have travelled by metro  to meet my husband whose office was in deira before they mived into al barsha. But I have never travelled in a bus all alone. This was my first experience.  Reaching al rashidiya metro and talong a bus to festival city was so exciting.  The bus had only a few passengers and the ride was bumpy that I almost rolled over to my seat while getting in. Getting off at the festival city and facing an isolated garden which had only vehicles that delivers goods to the shops I walked in hastily in search of jashanmal store. It was a very long walk. Having finally reached the store and meeting the editor of aquarius was an unforgettable experience. Meeting chef andy was even more fun as he was a friendly person. He welcomed any questions and answered with patience and passion. I can say that he was one of the few who inspired me into food blogging.  The recipes he demonstrated were really different and new for me and he even offered me his own copy of the lemon tart recipe. It was my first ever public appearance and the first time I was been interviewed so my hands were shivering while I struggled for words to mention my experience of participation in the coffee and cook workshop.
I received a free copy of the aquarius magazine and many more gifts apart from the new experience.
The event was held just a day before my birthday and the goft I won was like a pre birthday gift.
The two months later an article was published with pictures of the coffee and cook workshop.  It was my forst appearance on a print media. I cannot express the joy and happiness I felt on seeing it. As a person who always wished and wanted to get articles published on a magazine an appearance was even more joyful.

A peek into the pictures on the magazine-




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