Halape (sri lankan sweet)

Try a google search for Halape and you will be confused.
What is Halape?
I have seen my mom mention the name Halape.
I also have seen an aunt buy it and eat when I was around 12 years old.
I have never tasted it.
Well I was as excited as you are to find out what this sweet is all about and finally it was the day to investigate and learn about Halape.
One day my dad came home with a small.bag of Sri lankan sweets in which I found a few partially dried leaves folded in half like the picture below. When I opened it I saw the stuffing which was a very soggy yet firm and smooth portion of which looked like a dough.
It was dark brownish in color.
I opened it and pinched small bite size pieces, investing the ingredients as I ate. I taste kurakkan (finger millet flour).  I tasted grated coconut and some sugar.
It tasted really delicious and unique.  The next day I started asking my class mates as to what its made of and the leaf which its wrapped on. I was laughed at while explaining the sweet to my class mates at the cake class. I told them it was palappa and everyone was staring at me, great I took some pictures of the sweet which I showed them and helped them understand what I was talking about. As they were Sri lankan ladies who knew the traditional stuff they briefed on the recipe.  They also recommend it as a healthy sweet due to the kurakkans (finger millet flour) addition. The leaf in which it was wrapped is called kandan kola In Sinhalese and am not sure what’s that.
Finally I decided to search for the complete recipe online and finally found only one.

the main ingredient
Finger millet is good substitute for a gluten-free diet.
Finger millet is also known as ragi flour in india.




Centre stand, top dish displays Halape at the dessert section of the harbour lounge at the Kingsbury hotel, Colombo.


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