Achcharu, A craving for something salt and spicy

The first time I heard of the achcharu kadey I was so excited and happy as I can enjoy my favourite snack and fruit with peace. Wondering what am talking about? Yes, achcharu is available all over in Sri Lanka for a very nominal price and its so delicious.  The only reason for me to be happy is that now I can eat my favourite achcharu without any confusion.  The achcharu sold in ordinary stalls doesn’t guarantee cleanliness but the achcharu kadey is a part of the good market and sells all items prepared in a clean way and follows the health ministry standards.
All items are served with gloves on and kept closed that’s what makes me enjoy my achcharu peacefully.
Ok now are you impatiently screaming whats achcharu???
It’s just fruits served with some salt and chillie powder. Sometimes a bit of pepper powder makes it more spicy. Mangoes, wood apple, star fruit, gooseberry, nelli and pomelo are some fruits used to make achcharu.
It has been a favourite amongst Sri Lanka’s and I remember the joy of having an achcharu day in school and the days we enjoyed achcharu after school and during the interval at our school canteen.

I was waiting for several weeks since I heard of the achcharu kadey with anxiety to try the different fruits available at their store. It was at the British school in Colombo Christmas fair that I bought the achcharu. It was packed in beautiful cups with a lid and served with a spoon. I was so mesmerised on the fruits they had and how they served. Very pleased to have spent at the achcharu kadey stall and is awaiting to revisit very soon.
Keep up the good work achcharu kadey.




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