Cake Pops with Olive gold butter and free style measurements

Olive gold butter

My first time with olive gold butter made with olive oil. It is halal and cholesterol free while it’s also heart friendly, no more worries to those health conscious use olive gold butter with olive oil and feel no difference. One other thought that came to my mind is “this butter is ideal for vegetarians”. I wanted to try some recipes that would be suitable for vegetarians at the same time healthy and rich in flavor. I have wanted to try baking with olive gold butter since the first time I saw it on the shelves at carrefour Dubai. 
Today I decided to bake my first ever cake pops using my new pop mould and trying out some free style baking.

Cake Pops
I ordered a cake pop mould on ebay just 2 weeks ago and I received it today, it’s the fastest shipping I have ever experienced. I am glad I ordered it from that buyer and was eager to try baking my very first cake pop using free style measurements.  I have to admit I have never baked a cake pop nor tried it until recently at a Christmas fair in which my sister in law sold. I was not happy with the taste.  Now it’s a challenge to get it right. I read a few recipes and instructions on the wilton site and was clear that the main reason why cake pops are called cake pops is because they are on a popsicle stick and looks like a lollipop, the taste or recipe does not play a role and we can use the basic cake recipe.
So wanting to try free style measurements and baking I took it as a challenge and decided to bake. Not only the cake pop mould was new but even baking with olive gold butter was also new.

Free-style measurements
What is free-style measurements?
Free style measurement is adding ingredients by assumption.  A basic cake batter requires equal amount of flour, sugar, and butter or margarine.  While eggs and baking powder are added as 2 eggs for 2 teaspoons of baking powder.  So free style baking is on my own recipe book, adding ingredients without measuring.
I already do that for pizza, bread and bun doughs. Wondering how? I add some flour and salt whike the yeast is added according to the quantity of flour. It definitely needs practice and the more often you bake and cook you will gradually learn to add ingredients without measuring. Free style measuring needs a lot of experience and practice. So finally I don’t have any measurements to provide a proper recipe but here is how I made my cake pops using free style measurements.

Mafaza’s cake pops (I’ve named it)

A few tablespoon of olive gold butter
Some icing sugar to taste
2 eggs
Some flour
3 pinches of baking powder
A few drops of vanilla essence

Cream butter and icing sugar.
Beat in the eggs.
Combine flour and baking powder.
Using an electric mixer beat until incorporated by adding a few drops of vanilla.
Distribute into cake pop moulds and bake until done.
Place on BBQ sticks or cake pop sticks.
Dip on melted chocolates and serve.
Melted chocolate is a must as it adds color and style to the cake pops.
Serve these as a fondue for dessert.