Pancakes with kithul treacle

Yesteday was pancake day and the social media of all sorts had people sharing their favourite pancakes and accompaniying syrups.
I have always had pancakes in two way except for recent years which has brought culinary arts closer to my life and helped explore beyond traditional methods taught by my lankan family.
My mum used to make a very delicious pancake wrap with a chicken and green pea filling or sometimes serve with a chicken gravy which was so delicious and makes me crave for it every time I go back memory lane.
Another common way the pancakes served in sri lanka is as a sweet appetiser with a coconut and jaggery filling which is called suruttu appam as its rolled like a roll and the pancakes are so thin like appam (hoppers).
Only in recent years I started to like the thick pancakes served with a sugar syrup or maple syrup. So I have never tried pancakes with kithul treacle as mentioned in the bottle (we call it kithul pani in sinhala and tamil).
A bottle of kithul pani (treacle) lying on the shelf except as a syrup for yogurt I was curious to try it out with something. So I decided to go ahead and celebrate belated pancakes day with pancakes made my my sister and use the kithul pani (treacle) as a syrup.
Well all this I did just to find out how I like my pancakes :-).
I know thats what pancake day is all about according to myself.
As a foodie it was a shame I dint know my favourite pancake syrup amd am glad I concluded this pancake day with a good solution.


My pancakes drenched in kithul treacle loved them to the core.
Here is a small detail about the kithul treacle and its nutritional values –



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