Recreating grandma’s polos curry

My grandma I mean my dad’s mum was good at cooking all things Sri Lankan.
Anything she cooked tasted so good and I cannot choose a favourite yet am so fond of her polos curry which no one can cook to beat her recipe except my aunt my dads only sister.
Having said that I attempted to cook up the dish, nothing better than trying.
So all the ingredients collected and ready to cook off I started making the polos curry.

the aroma of the ingredients

Its true we eat with our eyes first but we all should agree to one thing that our sense of smell is the first to make us feel hungry.
Sometimes I have breakfast late and I still have an appetite to gobble my lunch within the next couple of hours.
That’s due to the aroma of the ingredients used in the food which fills the house and sometimes enters the neighbour’s house arousing their senses creating imaginations. Well, I have felt that sad sense of neighbours cooking many times and have wondered what they might be cooking.

Some ingredients that used in this polos curry –
A handful of curry leaves
2-inch piece of pandan leaf
2 cinnamon sticks
3 garlic
2 large green chillies

These ingredients can be used in any food dishes and they never fail to give a fragrance when tempered in oil, butter or ghee.
The fist step to my granny’s polos curry was clean wash and pat dry these ingredients and temper in oil.

the seasonal vegetable

Polos is a seasonal vegetable its size varies and can be prepared as a savoury vegetable for lunch or as a sweet snack.
Polos is the Sinhala name while its called young jack fruit in English.
You peel the thick hard and prickly skin off and cook only the inside white pieces cut into bite size.

Add the bite size pieces of polos and sauté for a few minutes until well coated in the oil.

The spices

The spices are another element that makes one wander as to where it was purchased. Many brands are available on the market and not all spices are good quality, only a few are prepared with care and has an effective smell and taste when used in cooking.

I added some spices with no specific measurements.
The spices I added and the measurements for 2 cups of polos are –
1/8 teaspoon turmeric powder
1 teaspoon curry powder
1/2 teaspoon chilli powder
1/8 teaspoon crushed pepper
Salt to taste

Add all these and mix with light coconut milk, just enough to cover the contents as follows-

Cover and cook on a medium-low heat until the young jack fruit is perfectly cooked. Check every 5 minutes and add more light coconut milk if required.

Once the water is reduced to almost 1/3 and the young jack fruit is cooked well add a tablespoon of thick coconut milk and let it boil.

Take off heat and serve warm.
The curry would look as follows when cooked well –