No sugar for pani poori? lets substitute with treacle

It was a very fine evening when my sisters were discussing what to make as an evening snack.
After some time I suggested the easiet possible dessert the caramel which my parents had brought a dozen pack from saudi arabia.
I was so lazy to make it though and was postponing the preparation.  After a while my sister who is a Instagram foodie as I shall call her due to her passion to cook and take pictures of food which she posts on Instagram, she mentioned that she would love to make some pani poori if only there was enough sugar.
I as a food blogger who has learnt to substitute ingredients and blog about it suggested she substitute kithul treacle or kithul pani for sugar. As my sister was reluctant to substitute the ingredients and was wondering if kithul treacle would work I took over the challenge as an encouragement and started off making pani poori. The recipe I followed was van chefs which is also my sisters search results. I made a few changes like using wheat flour instead of rice flour for dusting in between.
I also used a frilled round cutter to give the pooris a new look.
Not only did I use kithul treacle instead of sugar syrup I tempered some cashew nuts in ghee and mixed in with the kithul treacle and drizzled a bit of the ghee.
The cashew flavoured treacle and hot yum pooris was the perfect rainy day snack as rain started soon as I began frying pooris.
Tiny 2 inch diameter size pooris were ready in 15 minutes with cashew and kithul treacle syrup.
I was impatient to try some as I’ve never ever tasted kithul pani so I fried 20 pooris and left the remaining dough closed in the kitchen and went off to get the dinning table and tried my first ever pani poori. I was so on doubt of the taste and asked my sister who has tried pani poori if the taste was identical. To my delight she said it was superb and that one word made my day.
Everyone in my family loved my pani pooris and my sister informed me how my brother asked for more, he is not a person who can be pleased easily and doesn’t enjoy fast food.
Alright now its photo time 🙂
Let me reveal the pictures of my pani poori taken with my Samsung s4.
The little pooris drizzled in kithul treacle(pani).

Roasted Cashew in ghee amd mixed with kithul treacle (pani)

Above the kithul treacle ( pani ) and below the nutritional information of the treacle.

Kithul is sure a good substitute for sugar.
My husband took a bottle if kithul to dubai and I asked him what he used it for, his reply was interesting.
He mentioned how he have his coffee with kithul treacle ( pani ) and I tried it out. I also served my brother and mum a cup of coffer made with kithul treacle instead of sugar and to my surprise it was superb. We never felt any difference and thinking of the nutritional value I would like to say its more healthy so I herd.

My cup of white coffee with kithul treacle ( pani )

Ok so now am gonna give some ideas to make the pani poori syrup flavoured.
Temper some cashew nuts, almond or peanut in ghee and add it with the ghee to the syrup.
Mix well and serve.
You can temper in butter or margarine as well.
The pani pooris stay crispy for atleast 6 hours as I’ve tried and it’s a magic for me as my pooris or papadams never stayed crispy for long when kept open on a plate under a food cover.
It’s always fun to have these in a bowl.