1st Blog giveaway


First blog giveaway for UAE based food bloggers.
Wanna win something from sri lanka?
All you have to do is choose one item from the 2 category mentioned below and type it on the comment box.
A winner from each of the 2 category will be  choosen by a random draw. Competition closes 10th April 2014.
Winners will be announced 9th April 2014 with a video on how they were choosen on Instagram.

The 2 categories are ;
(1). Most wanted item.
(2). Unavailable item in the UAE or never seen.

The items are ;
1. Cinnamon powder
2.  Spice frame
3. Palm boxes
4. Sugar free chocolates made from a unique ingredient
5. Cane cup holders
6. Srilanka  goods like coconut shell spoons, mottar and pestal.
7. Kithul flour
8. Cinnamon toothpicks
9.  Cane baskets and hats

Now comment below this image and head over to my blog and comment below the post with the heading”blog giveaway”.

Good luck


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