Environmental Day Activity (reusable bags for free)

World environment day is something we really need to mark on our calendars and have a checklist ready to double check our environment day resolutions.  Yes, unlike newyear resolutions environmental day resolutions are a must for every human being no matter the race, culture and country.  This is what am gonna introduce to the world. We all need to make a checklist and write down the resolutions for environmental day in our diary or calendars.  What did we want to to do and what we have achieved?  What have we not achieved?  Are we really environmental friendly inhabitants of this world?  Do we really have to live an environmental friendly life? Yes we all should lead a life environmental friendly and keep our homes, city and country clean and tidy from eny pollution. Learning starts at home and so should we start implanting the necessary steps to keep the world free from pollution and make it a better place for the future generations to live.

Why do supermarkets sell

reusable bags for free and give those shopping bags that are unfriendly to the environment for free???
“Environmental friendly” should not be a business promoting name in the market instead it should be used solely for the purpose of promoting good amongst the community.
Are these supermarkets really promoting environmental friendly products for good?
Can’t environmental friendly shopping bags be given like those membership cards in the supermarkets and hypermarkets?
People can get one large reusable bag which has a tag on it’s handle for the membership bar code so people will not forget to bring the bags with them the next time they come to enter those points earned and be emailed for those lovely offers and draws.
If they need extra bags in that case selling is fine, isn’t it?
Why give so many free shopping bags and pollute the environment?
Why cant they use all the money spent on so many disposable bags and give free reusable bags?

It all starts from the supermarket and it’s not the consumers first step to pay extra when they can save it and get some free disposable bags which you dont need to spend some space to to store the reusable ones.

Lets get an environmental day resolution for us the public who pollute the environment. We don’t do it on purpose but it’s all a coincidence. We litre the toffe wrap wondering will that small paper make a big difference and thats where it all starts. The main thought if a small paper can make a big difference. Yes that thought leads us to towards other people’s action. We can even begin to think if only we can make the environment a better place by following the necessary guidelines to keep the environment free from pollution. We even go beyond sometimes and start to compare ourselves with the majority and start abandoning the minority lifestyle.

We think if only ourselves go in search of a garbage bin to litre a small toffe wrap can thise environment be free from pollution?
Can I encourage others to do the same?
Can I stop others from littering the environment?
yes you sure can if you want to

People don’t follow rules sometimes and they follow others. Yes we are in a competitive world where some do what the others do. So you stop throwing tiny bits on the road and others will think about it.


winner of kithul flour

2 sincere participants.
3 items on comment box.
Only 1 rule followed by the 2 contestants.
Very 1st giveaway ends with very little response.
1 winner chosen randomly.
The contest asked for winners to comment on Instagram and blog , but the 2 off them commented only on the blog which is why I had to chose one or else I’d given each one a gift.
Thanks for participating guys.
More giveaways to follow in the future.
Sarah kiri text me on Facebook for details on how to collect the gift.
Thank you
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My pick at the good market colombo

Thursday good market at diyatha uyana water’s edge

Visiting the good market has become one of my favourites. Every time I go there I am amused and I find something new to try. Last thrusday was my 5th visit to the good market.
The good market is an initiative to promote local goods and handmade products. You can find organic vegetables and homemade chutneys. The hand made products range from toys to baskets and everything sri lankan. Have you ever wanted to get a souvenir for your friends and family abroad when you visit sri lanka I recommend you visit the good market before you buy.
They’ve got a good selection of souvenirs ranging from handmade handloom bags, soft toys, caps to carved sculptures and cane products like baskets, hats, plates and bowls made of wood and toys that can be treasured which are colorful and wooden.
They do have a good selection of pottery too. The good market also has a few stalls that sell for a cause and you can purchase from them so that you will be a part of the good help.

When you finished walking around and purchasing you can sit by the aquarium to relax and enjoy the food which you can buy at the stalls which sell all fresh, homemade stuff that some food stalls also have food made with organic ingredients.
There is a range of cuisines like mama Aidas middle eastern food to a few sti lankan food stalls that has a variety of sri lankan food to suit your appetite. The cakes and popsicles at the butter boutique is never to be missed whether you want dessert or not.
The kulfis at butter boutique are so devine with almonds and I should not forget to say that I tried both the kulfi and mint and lemon popsicle as I was so excited to try popsicle in cup shapes after many many years which I can not relate how many years. Its like I went back in time, when I was a kids I remember buying them from a house that sells these type of popsicle for 2 rupees. It was in negombo opposite my grannys house and we the cousin lot used to buy them. Am so delighted to find this yummy goodie after many years. It was a hit on last thrusdays good market for me.

I so enjoy the atmosphere at the waters edge diyatha uyana amidst the long distance travel from colombo 9 to battaramulla. Clicking some photographs for my bloggers I quickly went over to the yummy goodness stall where I was greeted by the nice lady behind the goodies. She makes the chutneys at home and has it neatly and colorfully packed to attract anyone who don’t like chutneys. Her stall was so cute and lovely. I just can’t take my eye off her nice chutney bottle to the small shelf which had four bottles and the long boat shaped tray that had a few fruits on display to explain the visitors what are the fruits used in those chutneys. She does have some good marmalades and jams too.
She quickly figured out I was the one who has been wanting to taste her chutneys for the last two weeks as I’ve text her asking for pricing and told to reserve me a billing and date chutney.
She insisted I try the others too and I wanted to buy a jambo jolly which is made from jambo fruits. Am so amazed at her ideas, she really has got something delicious in those jars. Those small fruits that we ate as achcharu with salt and chillie has now been turned into a chutney by this nice lady. Now we can enjoy them with our lunch or dinner. I recommend this as a good side dish for biriyani.
I sure have to try them all soon :-).

Returning back to the stall that had some sri lankan food yes thats something that need to be mentioned. She was a friendly lady who asked me to try some pickled pollos on display and I loved it. To be honest I’ve never seen or herd of pickled polos before until now. Pickled polos I mentioned, yes, thats something new to the market. Polos oh polos my favourite. I’ve had a sweet polos and we eat polos for lunch as polos curry but she had a variety of polos. Fried polos, polos ambul thiyal, polos mallum, pollos cuttlets, pollos pickle, wow she inspired me. now a vegetarian can enjoy a good meal too.
I should get some pickled polos from her on my next visit.
Okay now are you wondering what is this polos?
Its young jack fruit.
Its a vegetable thats made into a nice curry and served with rice. One of My aunts used to fry the young jack fruit and serve with syrup, she has a tree in from of her house and I remember making nice hats out of the leaves from a jack tree. Those are golden days. Nowadays you can find the young jack fruit dried into tiny slices in a pack which I discovered at the good market. The kithul vendor who sells all things kithul had this small pack for 100/- rupees per 10 grams. This stall is also available at the good market.

The vendor who goes as jafna palmyrah sells all things made of odiyal tree and I believe odiyal needs a separate post so lets talk about it another time.
Until then have a look at my pictures from Thursday 3rd April 2014 good market at diyatha uyana in battaramulla along waters edge.
Do check the good market website and learn more or find out the schedule,
location and timings incase you wanna visit. Always make sure to visit after checking their main website as time, location and days may vary depending on the situation.
The good market at crescat boulevard araliya car park is no longer available dues to lack of vendors willing to participate on sundays.
The race course good market will be open from april 26th. Its a nice place to shop too.








The good market was a real treat for my eyes with the diyatha uyana good market being the largest with most number of stalls. I wish I got some wooden toys and some pottery and some handloom bags and some handloom soft toys too to decorate my sons cot.
More photos awaiting in line and see you soon.
This is my first time using a dslr camera 🙂

Sweet almond pattie

When you have lots of almonds in the fridge what do you do?
I transformed them into an almond and date paste to make my own recipe and I called it sweet almond pattie.
I guess these ground almonds were blanched as they had a very pale taste and we dint like it much. We had to use it as I’ve asked my dad to get me almond powder and he ended up bringing a lot of ground almonds. So I decided to try some sweets with almond filling.
Below is my recipe.



1 cup flour
2 tablespoons ghee
1/4 teaspoon Salt
Water as required
2 pinches of baking powder

1. Mix all the ingredients together and roll over a board using a rolling pin.
2. Apply ghee and sprinkle with flour.
3. Fold into 2 and roll again till its thin and even.
4. Cut small circles or any other desired shapes and place over a lightly floured surface.
5. Place the filling and fold into half.
6. Deep fry in hot oil until crispy and golden brown.

Almond filling
A handful of almonds
3 or more cashew nuts
3 or more dates deseeded
A drop of vanilla essence
1 teaspoon fresh cream
Sugar or any sugar substitute as required

1. Blend altogether using a hand mixer to a fine paste.
2. Transfer the mixture onto a small pan and add sone butter or ghee.
3. let it cook for a few minutes until the mixture is thick and starts to leave the sides of the pan.

Once the patties are fried drizzle a bit of honey or treacle on top for extra sweetness.

Now the filling is ready to spread.
Add a few drops of food coloring to give it a more colorful look.
Use any other type of nuts instead of almonds.
Substitute sugar with kithul treacle or stevia extract.
Omit the sugar and prepare this dish finally serve those sweet toothed guests with a garnish of honey or treacle.


Sizzle over T20 Cricket

Oh wow that proud moment when sri lanka won the T20 world cup last night.  I have stayed away from watching cricket from start to end since I got married and was always concerned to find out who won.
That was it and last night was the same scenario until the sizzling food in front of me called for some entertainment and non was more suitable than watching T20 world cup. Sri lankans playing their way all over in Bangladesh and the excitement I got after every 6’s and fours made me go back to my spinster days when I used to watch the cricket from start to end praying sri lanka should win.
Todays match was sure an unforgettable one for me and for the two retiring cricket legends of sri lanka sanga and mahela.
Amidst this good cricket I managed to get a few videos of my sizzling food and drink which I really enjoyed sharing on Instagram.




The smoking lemon juice with the dancing slice of lime cheering the cricket on screen was fun. It was so bubbly and I managed to get hold of that ice cube which was making the juice smoke and boil and finally ended up placing it under the straw so the straw choke and splashed lime juice all over the table. Thats a nice fun game if it was not just lime juice I’d repeat it.



The hot sizzling main course I chose seafood and my choice was the best. It was easy to eat, delicious and filling. I find the chicken dish a bit hard.



The nutty brownie with an ice cream hat which lay around boiling caramel which was really hot and bubbly.
I tried to spoon all three into my mouth and burnt my tongue.  I still feel the pain of eating hot food yet I love food while its a bit warm not boiling hot.

Do visit my Instagram page to watch the video as am not able to upload the videos here. Soon I will upgrade my account until then enjoy my pictures.
I think the food at sizzles is too expensive although the portion is filling and the experience is unique which is fine to dine at the sizzle once but not twice. They do add extra charges for vat, tax and service charges which I believe most restaurants include in the price list of the food and are often hidden on the bill which makes the bill reasonable.
All in all the sizzle is something you should visit on rainy days and during winter but good only for visit once not twice I wouldn’t like to go back. Food is good but expensive as we can go for buffet at kingsburry for that cost. Going there with kids get a stroller or pram and some toys to keep babies entertained.
Kids above two can color which they provide paper and colors at the restaurant and they display the work at the front notice board.
Check their menu online at the sizzle srilanka so you can plan ahead.
They do have takeaway and delivery.